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lodging The foundation of any good listening or feedback program for lodging properties is a comprehensive guest satisfaction and loyalty measurement and diagnostic system. Such a system for lodging properties must:
  • Measure in real time the satisfaction & loyalty of a representative sampling of guests; our surveying utilizes an online survey with high completion rates realized
  • Accurately measure guest satisfaction with all relevant aspects of the guest experience, overall and by key customer and demographic segment, room type, etc.
  • Utilize a sophisticated survey design with branching and “if-then” probing
  • Provide easy access to the performance ratings, marketing information and guest comments in a state-of-the-art, online Management Reporting System (“M.R.S.”)
  • Provide the diagnostic information to address specific areas needing improvement
  • Compare the property’s performance ratings to the goals it may set
  • Benchmark the property's performance to that of similar-quality properties
  • Enable the property to assign responsibility for corrective actions, track the completion of those actions and hold individual staff members accountable
  • Measure the Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) for the Likelihood to Recommend and all other attributes
  • Enable a review of the performance ratings and marketing information for any specified date range
  • Facilitate a quick email response to guests, when appropriate
  • Serve a dual purpose as a marketing information system
  • Include optional "Satisfaction Drivers Analyses" to identify the key drivers or determinants of overall satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with different components of the guest experience. Increasing the ratings for these key Drivers will generate the largest gains in overall satisfaction.
  • Include complimentary consultative support to maximize the value of the feedback to the property
Ratings may be based on the Net Promoter Score, “Top Box” or “Top Two Box” measurements.

Our research has been carefully designed to meet each of these requirements. It is the most comprehensive, independent feedback system in the industry, with its value having been proven time and time again. Not simply a mini-survey, it is for those who are truly serious about guest satisfaction and retentionSM.
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