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Branding/Positioning Research  

Branding/Positioning Research
A property's or destination’s "positioning" refers to how it is perceived by its key target audiences. A property or destination sends out communication "prompts" which help shape this positioning when it advertises, promotes or publicizes itself, or when it serves its customers. An effective positioning effort not only differentiates it from its competition, but provides positive reasons for prospective guests to select it. Among other things, our Branding/Positioning research identifies what these prompts should be and how the property or destination should be positioned.  Critical information obtained from this research includes:
  • Identification and quantification of the competitive set by season
  • Identification of the primary “demand generators”, by season
  • Profile of the guests, by season
  • Competitive strengths vs. the primary competitors
  • Evaluation of alternative positioning strategies and/or taglines
This research is recommended for independent properties and destinations that have an unclear or unpersuasive image in the marketplace as well as for those properties dropping their chain affiliation and going independent.
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