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Homeowner Research The challenges facing vacation rental management companies are typically greater than those facing the managers of traditional hotels. This is because condominium management companies have to serve two masters, satisfying not only their guests, but also their homeowners.

As with our other research, Homeowner research is conducted using a sophisticated online survey and an online Management Reporting System. The surveys are customized to address all-important operational, marketing and Board of Director issues. Key features include the following:
  • Utilizes a sophisticated survey design with branching and "if-then" probing
  • Collects more in-depth feedback and feedback from more homeowners, many of who are typically silent
  • Measures satisfaction and loyalty using Net Promoter scoring, which is significantly more sensitive than other scoring methodologies
  • All quantitative and qualitative feedback can be filtered by geographic area, property manager, length of time with the management company, etc.
  • Provides easy access to the performance ratings, marketing information and guest comments in a state-of-the-art, online Management Reporting System ("M.R.S.")
  • Provides an early warning system to identify "at-risk" homeowners
  • Provides the diagnostic information to address specific areas needing improvement
  • Includes optional "Satisfaction Drivers Analyses" to identify the key drivers or determinants of overall satisfaction and loyalty, as well as with the different components of the homeowner experience. Increasing the ratings for these key Drivers will generate the largest gains in overall satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Includes complimentary consultative support to maximize the value of the feedback to the property
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