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We provide a variety of quantitative research services, including customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement, visitors studies and branding studies.  Surveying is done online, with satisfaction measured using the Net Promoter Score methodology.  In addition to the products listed below, we also offer customized, client-specific research services to companies and organizations throughout many industries.


  • Lodging
  • Ski Resorts
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Visitor Studies
  • Meeting Planners
  • Golf, Parks, Arenas
  • Spas
  • Homeowners
  • Members
  • Satisfaction Drivers
  • Branding/Positioning
Lodging Guest Satisfaction Research

The foundation of any good listening or feedback program for lodging properties is a comprehensive guest satisfaction measurement and diagnostic system.

Our research has been carefully designed to meet each of these requirements. It is the most comprehensive, independent feedback system in the industry, with its value having been proven time and time again. Not simply a mini-survey, it is for those who are truly serious about guest satisfaction and retentionSM.
Ski Resort Guest Satisfaction Research

We designed our current NPS research system specifically for the ski industry. Ski resort guest satisfaction surveys are developed through a collaborative process and customized to meet the individual needs of each resort or ski area. Our skier satisfaction research is designed to give you a thorough assessment of your skiers' and riders' attitudes and satisfaction with your resort. Understanding your perceived strengths and weaknesses provides valuable insight toward improvements and the future direction of your ski resort/area.

Ski season is short and it is crucial to obtain real-time feedback. Our customized online Management Reporting System delivers instant information, allowing you to make timely decisions and adjustments during your important winter and summer seasons.
Vacation Rental Management Company
Guest Satisfaction Research

Realizing your guests' perception of your property can allow you, the management company, to make informed decisions about staff training, site improvements, and budget allotments.

Our research is uniquely designed with your company in mind and our state-of-the-art Management Reporting System allows for instant return on guest comments and ratings.
Visitor Studies for Destination
Marketing Organizations

Your destination relies on repeat and referral business for the significant majority of your visitors. Our research surveys and state-of-the-art Management Reporting System allow you instant access to visitor's comments and ratings about their visit. It is designed specially to your specifications and provides valuable insight into your strengths and areas for improvement.
Meeting Planner Research

A meeting planner's experience at your resort may be as important as your guests' experience. Meeting planners provide referrals to others in the industry, as well as potential guests. Measuring their experience and satisfaction provides your resort with valuable information regarding the property, staff, food, and service. Our real-time, state-of-the-art Management Reporting System will provide you with instant information regarding the planner’s recent experience.
Guest Satisfaction Research for Golf Courses, Water Parks, Amusement Parks and Sports Arenas

Surveying and research directed towards day visitors and their experience at your property can provide insightful knowledge on how and where to improve your services, concessions and amenities. After all, repeat and referral business is a significant driver of your overall profits and revenues.
Spa Guest Satisfaction Research

Spa guests want the best experience possible and what's a better way to provide them 100% satisfaction than asking directly what they liked and what they didn't? By surveying your guests online you can probe what or who is doing well for the business and which areas need work. Individualized surveys and an online Management Reporting System will provide immediate access to your guests' feedback and allow you to make prompt changes and improvements.
Homeowner Satisfaction Research

Homeowner research is particularly complex as two parties must be satisfied – the guest and the homeowner. Our research tools allow the client to probe into the unique issues surrounding the homeowner and the guest and to make appropriate and timely changes if needed by providing real-time feedback to the client.
Club Member Satisfaction Research

To retain a member of your club, whether it is golf, tennis or athletic, you must ensure that they are happy with the services provided. Our real-time Management Reporting System allows club owners to quickly see how their members are rating them and to make necessary changes if need be.
Satisfaction "Drivers" Analysis

This specialty research aims to understand what makes a guest happy and how to increase overall guest satisfaction. By increasing guest satisfaction you will increase your repeat and referral business and, in turn, increase your revenues and profits.
Branding/Positioning Research

Developing a strategy on how to market your company or brand and how to differentiate yourself from the competition can be a great challenge. Our unique branding/positioning research develops and integrates improvements to help advance your company's overall image and perception.

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