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Visitor Studies
As with lodging properties and ski resorts, leisure destinations rely on repeat and referral business for the significant majority of their visitors. To support their efforts to attract more visitors, these destinations need periodic feedback from their visitors to determine their satisfaction levels and needed improvements, evaluate the effectiveness of the destination’s marketing programs, quantify spending by visitor segment, profile the visitors based on demographics and psychographics, identify and quantify its “demand generators”, support branding and positioning work, etc.

This research surveys (post-visit) both Day and Overnight visitors using an online survey, and is supported with an online Management Reporting System. Visitor data for surveying may be collected in “intercepts”, lodging property PMS exports and other methods. All information can be “filtered” or cross-tabulated within the Management Reporting System by visitor segment, demographic group, etc.

This research can be used to allocate marketing funds, prioritize community funded projects, develop a strategic positioning for the destination, etc.
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